What is it?
Orderly model that pilots worker in making a thorough marketing plan
Encompasses 6 elements embodied by each letter & takes into consideration the 3M (men, money, minutes) a very popular classic marketing planning framework for creating marketing plans.

Situational analysis: where are we now?
Where the firm is going & where does it want to be?
How to fulfill the objectives?
How the firm will implement the strategy?
Executing the proposed plan effectively?
Determining whether the e-marketing campaign is success or failure.

What is the SOSTAC marketing planning model and how do you use it? If you don’t know SOSTAC, it’s worth getting to know. I’m alerting you to SOSTAC now since it was the third most popular of the marketing models poll in 2011, but it’s not so well known as #1 and #2.

What is SOSTAC? SOSTAC is a planning model, originally developed in the 1990s to help with marketing planning by PR Smith, who is my co-author on E marketing Excellence.

SOSTAC stands for:

  • Situation – where are we now?
  • Objectives – where do we want to be?
  • Strategy – how do we get there?
  • Tactics – how exactly do we get there?
  • Action – what is our plan?
  • Control – did we get there?


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